Welcome to the official site for “Supergran” Ann Timson of Northampton England. Mother, Grandmother and Proud Northamptonian. Please feel free to send a message using the contact page , I would love to hear from you. It has been an interesting period in my life,  one I shall not soon forget.

Ann Timson anntimson.comI would like to thank everyone for all the kind letters and cards of support, my family and friends and the folks at “Talk to the Press“, that helped me navigate through the difficult days immediately following the “Supergran Gold Street” incident in February 2011. My advice to anyone who finds the unwanted spotlight of the media shinning on them would be to seek the council of an expert. My life is once again returning to the hum drum and peaceful existence it once did, I could not be happier.

Ann Timson Shopping BagFor visitors interested in the eBay auction of “the bag” benefiting UNICEF, It was successfully auctioned on eBay where it generated lots of interest and sold for ₤125.00. We chose this wonderful organization, because of the hard work it does on behalf of children all over the world. A huge thank-you goes out to the purchaser from the East of England.


U.S. Fund for UNICEF supports child survival, protection, and development worldwide thru education, advocacy, and fundraising. For every child: Health, Education, Equality, Protection, Emergency Aid, such as Haiti Earthquake Relief and supporting those affected by the floods in Pakistan.
I hope to participate in more fundraising in the future and would like to think some good can come from the small amount of attention the “Gold Street” incident created.

11 Responses to Home

  1. S.T. says:

    If you have to do it, you might as well do it right

  2. b. amadol says:

    Thank you for good job!

  3. Martin Westbrook says:

    You were awesome! we need more people like you, then these people would think again before they try something like that.

  4. Lisa Edelstein says:

    I just saw the video of you for the first time, I was amazed and commend you for being so brave. You are a true inspiration and an amazing woman.

  5. Lisa Westport says:

    What bravery! You are a true inspiration to us all. We need more people like you. Will you be selling the coat on eBay too?

    • Ann says:

      Haha, perhaps I should sell the “Red Coat” too for charity. Good idea, thanks for the kind words…

  6. Paul Jones says:

    You are an inspiration! Good on you Supergran.

  7. Jo waite says:

    You are an amazing lady who made me very proud to be from Northampton. I hope you receive the proper recognition for what you did.

  8. What a great website!!!!

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