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Daybreak LogoAnn Timson appearence on the Daybreak Show on ITV, Tuesday April 19.

Courtesy Talk to the Press

As regular readers of our blog will know, we have been thrilled to be handling press for Ann Timson, the Northampton pensioner who found herself a national heroine when she beat of a group of armed robbers with her handbag, over the past few months.
Yesterday, Ann, who was instantly dubbed ‘Supergran’ by the national press, completed a long line of newspaper and television interviews, which have even seen her fly first class to New York to appear on the Today and Inside Edition shows. And having appeared on ITV news on Friday, yesterday, Ann went onto the Daybreak show.

Ann Timson and Christine BleakleyAnn with Christine Bleakley
Talk to the Press feature writer Katie Evans escorted her to the ITV studios. There, to her delight, Ann found herself in make up next to Jeremy Kyle (who took a real shine to Ann after she informed him he’s slimmer in real life than on TV) and following her interview, Ann was also asked to officially open the new Daybreak patio by cutting the ribbon.

Katie Evans, Ann Timson and Christine BleakleyKatie and Ann with Christine
It won’t be the last people hear of Ann. Thanks to her courageous actions, Ann has already found herself nominated for a number of bravery awards.
We’ll keep you posted with Ann’s progress in these awards throughout the year. If, like Ann, you find reporters outside your doorstep and need help handling press interest in your life, feel free to give us a call for a confidential and informal chat. You can fill out the sell my story form on our website or email us at

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