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Castle Environmental Northampton

Castle Environmental Northampton




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Where I live in the Spring Boroughs, the heart of the town centre, among a mixture of buildings that make our estate unique.  Our estate is shared with denominations from all over the world.

Spring Borough Pocket Park

Spring Borough Pocket Park

I believe our estate should be refurbished where needed, keeping people in the locality whilst some changes need to take place.  Respect the wishes of people who do not wish to be re-located by working for the means to achieve this end.  Whoever is empowered to run the Borough Council should serve the people who elected them and reward their loyalty and trust with loyalty and clarity of action.

The most important part of serving the people is the feed back when addressing complaints, issues and observations.

Spring Boroughs Community Cafe

Spring Boroughs Community Cafe

Send people young and older into apprenticeship and re learning to give them a purpose to live and enjoy self-respect.

Loyalty freedom and peace are very highly valued aspects in our lives.


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  1. Joanne Leilani Carpenter says:

    Hi Ann,

    I am a grandma here in Austin, TX. I am so empowered by your actions on that day. The reality is that as grandmas we are charged with what people call heroism we call it “doing what we got to do” simply because as grandparents we see and feel the pulse of our community beginning with our children, but they are all our children, Ann in my opinion.

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