My name is Ann Timson,  I have lived in Northampton all my life . My Father was a military policeman in the Air force and my Mother born in Newcastle worked in numerous large houses and castles as a domestic, finally arriving in Northampton, and met and married my Father in 1934.

I was born during the war years preceded by my older brother and sister.  After the war my Father (born one of 13 children) worked on the Railway until he retired. We didn’t have much money but plenty of everything else, good neighbors, lots of playmates, a large garden that my Dad worked on, and chickens so we were never short of food.  My Mum was a wonderful sewer and made all our clothes.

We all set up with our own families and children who had the best Nan and Pop in the world. Our children are now grown and are parents themselves. My working life took on a new meaning when I became a Resident Warden looking after a complex with elderly people until I retired. Now I can do all kinds of activities from attending Cabinet and Council meetings, being Secretary of our Resident’s Association, to editing our Newsletter three times yearly.

The biggest love affair of my life is Sequence dancing, whilst four times a week is no longer possible due to ( limited movement, namely old Arthi Ritis, my unwelcome lodger) I mostly manage twice weekly with a long rest and a big mug of tea after. I am the baby of our group, the oldest is Frank who is 91 years young, and Eric who is 90 this month. So here is to dancing a long life filled with lots of laughter and happiness.