The Bag

(From eBay Auction # 160547647994)
Ann Timson with the Shopping BagAnn Timson aka “Supergran” helped prevent several armed men in their attempt to smash windows to a local Northampton, England jewelry store and remove valuable items armed with only a shopping bag. Due to the interest in this story and subsequent questions about the bag, we offered it to the highest bidder on eBay in the hopes that the small amount it sold for would provide some funds for the UNICEF organization. We chose the UNICEF organization for it’s fine international work benefiting children.

Ann Timson Shopping Bag on eBayThe bag itself is a simple black nylon zippered shopping bag. It was purchased locally (Northampton) and was given as a gift from a close friend. It has been a useful accessory and will be missed, however it has seen plenty of action and deserves to be “retired” to a new home. It will be replaced in the coming weeks with a similar style bag that will hopefully not see as much action.

Update: The bag sold for ₤125.00 to a purchaser from the East of England on February 27, 2011. All proceeds went to the UNICEF organization.

Update: The bag was purchased by a TV executive and presented to Ann at the ITV Daybreak studios and is back in use, for shopping trips only back home in Northampton.

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  1. Good on you for what you did! If only there were more people like you, this world would be awesome.

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